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Cornwall Resin Ltd


Director, Nathan Campling, has over fifteen years’ experience as a specialist flooring contractor covering the whole of Cornwall, and is also the director of the sister business,  Eden flooring and interiors. Nathan and his team have a huge knowledge in specialist  flooring and has built a successful business due to his commitment in providing excellent customer service, reliability and professionalism, all delivered by a highly experienced and committed team.  

About Resin Flooring

When you work in a demanding environment and assessed as having  high slip risk, contaminants are unavoidable and there is risk of spillages, then you need specialist flooring solution capable of dealing with everything thrown at it. Cornwall Resin have the experience to advice you on the specialist flooring you would need to make sure safety is of highest importance. Even in tough conditions, resin will keep your risk of slipping to one in a million.

Not only does a resin floor give you peace of mind but it also looks amazing. Cornwall Resin Ltd have a range of colours and finishes to give a great choice for any type of environment.