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Altro Seal

Typical applications

  • Packing areas.
  • Pharmaceutical.
  • Craft and design rooms.
  • Areas requiring increased chemical resistance.

This solvent-based polyurethane resin seal with a flat-silk finish is ideal for light duty areas where colour stability and chemical resistance are required. It is readily cleaned and maintained providing a hygienic surface finish.

Altro Seal is resistant to a wide range of chemicals and UV light and can also be used as a final seal coat to give extra chemical resistance to epoxy resin systems. It has approximately 90 microns per coat and is available in coloured and clear.

We offer a standard variant for where there is a low risk of slipping.

For areas where there is an increased risk of slipping we have a slip-resistant variant which includes a micaceous mineral that lightly textures the surface.

For application to walls we provide a vertical variant which is a chemically and UV resistant coating for improved colour stability in light colours, although additional coats may be required over darker substrates.

For samples, technical documents and further information, please click on the individual variants