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Altro Screed

Typical applications

  • Reception areas.
  • Atria.
  • Communal areas.
  • Walkways.
  • Corridors.
  • Custodial areas.

Whether you’re manoeuvring your forklift truck or herding hoards of students into a lab, with lots of variants to choose from there’s an Altro Screed that’s right for you. ¬†Altro Screed is a solvent-free epoxy resin system providing a moderate level of chemical resistance.

The 3mm standard variant comprises quartz aggregate bound in clear resin and finished with clear seal coats for a decorative floor finish.

It is available in a range of colours including natural colour options and can also be applied to vertical surfaces.

The 4mm standard variant has different decorative options including natural-looking designs evoking tones of concrete and stone.

The 6mm standard variant provides extra durability and is available in decorative quartz aggregates.

For areas where there is an increased risk of slipping choose from the 3mm slip-resistant variant, 4mm slip-resistant variant and the 6mm slip-resistant variant. These variants have slip-resistant aggregates incorporated into their seal coats.

When time is of the essence* both types of seal coat ie standard and slip-resistant are available in a Rapicure option.

For where there are electronically sensitive environments and equipment we offer the 4mm static-dissipative variant. This variant is measured in accordance with test method BS 2050. We also offer a 5mm Rapicure standard variant for a quicker return to service*. This system offers a rapid cure decorative quartz screed ready to step on in less than half the time of conventional epoxy systems. It has the added benefit of not producing the odours associated with methyl methacrylate (MMA) based systems. For areas where there is an increased risk of slipping we have the 5mm Rapicure slip-resistant variant for a complete Rapicure system with slip-resistant aggregates incorporated into the seal coat.

All these variants can be laid to falls and can be finished with an optional Altro Seal water-based matt, which is a polyurethane resin seal, if required.

*When site conditions are comparable (ambient or substrate temperature, humidity and ventilation).