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Altro Grip

Typical applications

  • Wet general industry.
  • Wet automotive areas.

Altro Grip is a solvent-free epoxy resin multi-layer system providing slip resistance and a textured gloss surface.

From showers to vehicle service and inspection pits, we’ve got an Altro Grip variant to suit your needs.

The 1mm slip-resistant variant is available in a range of single coloured finishes. The 1.25mm slip-resistant variant is available in either single or multi-coloured decorative finishes.

The 2mm slip-resistant variant is available in 25 solid colour options giving moderate impact resistance.

When you have a slippery situation the 4.5mm slip-resistant variant can keep you on your feet and is great for kitchens and wet production areas. This system has been tested to DIN 51097 for barefoot wet areas such as changing rooms and showers.

The 6mm slip-resistant variant is a modified flow-applied system incorporating a natural sand aggregate and it provides excellent impact resistance.