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Altro Flow

Typical applications

  • Pharmaceutical.
  • Industrial.
  • Production.

When you need a floor that goes with the flow, look no further than Altro Flow – designed for areas requiring increased hygiene. Available in 25 colours in a high-gloss finish, it offers good chemical and impact resistance for areas where there is a low risk of slipping.

This solvent-free epoxy resin system for application on to a level floor offers a smooth seamless surface. Typical applications include pharmaceutical, industrial and production areas.

Altro Flow comes in a choice of 1mm standard, 2mm standard and 3mm standard variants to suit the different demands of your environment.

There is also the option of a 3mm static-dissipative variant for where there are electronically sensitive environments and equipment. It provides all the performance benefits of epoxy resin flooring and is generally installed over a perimeter ring (or grid) of conductive tape which can be connected to electrical earth, to control the passage of electro-static charge through an in-built path. This variant is measured in accordance with test method BS 2050 when used on prepared substrates treated with Altro Prime™ static-dissipative variant.