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Altro Flexiflow

Typical applications

  • Commercial and light production areas
  • Classrooms.
  • Corridors.

All the quality and robustness of an Altro resin, with one key difference – flexibility.

Altro Flexiflow can handle impact yet be flexible enough to move with your building. You can overlay day joints with it and it takes up building movement so you can also apply it over existing expansion joints, within certain tolerances*.

Altro Flexiflow is a polyurethane resin and couldn’t be easier to install. It’s self-smoothing, giving a seamless and uniform finish with uninterrupted lines, and it can be laid over green concrete with Altro Proof™ damp-proof membrane, to speed up installation.

It features a PUR top coat for UV colour stability, durability and ease of cleaning, and is available in 27 pastel, solid and bright colours with a matt finish.

The 2mm classic standard variant combines flexibility with high levels of robustness so is ideal for light duty industrial premises with rolling loads.

The 2mm comfort standard variant gives comfort underfoot and is perfect for environments where people are on their feet all day.

The 8mm acoustic standard variant is perfect for noisy areas. It also gives an enhanced level of comfort underfoot reducing the fatigue caused by long periods of standing on hard floors.

For areas where there is an increased risk of slipping we have the 2mm classic slip-resistant variant, the 2mm comfort slip-resistant variant or the 8mm acoustic slip-resistant variant.

* For application over building expansion joints, details of percentage elongation may be required. These can be provided by the appointed structural engineer. In the case of structural movement joints you may still need to bring the joint through the surface.