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Altro Crete

Typical applications

  • Commercial kitchens.
  • Food and drink manufacturing areas.
  • Pharmaceutical.
  • Chemical and engineering areas.

For your hardest-working environments the Altro Crete range offers you seven polyurethane variants to choose from. It provides durability, slip resistance and excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals including organic acids found in foodstuffs.

The 2mm slip-resistant variant is a medium duty flow applied smooth surface resin with a matt finish and for extra durability there is the thicker 4mm slip-resistant (PTV ≥36) variant. These variants are ideal for food and drink production, packing and storage areas.

For wet processing areas needing slip resistance with a textured finish, the 4mm slip-resistant (PTV ≥50) variant offers a multi-layer system which has a Pendulum Test Value of ≥50. This variant is more suitable for areas where there are contaminants other than water such as beverages, fruit juice and milk.

The 6mm slip-resistant variant has a Pendulum Test Value of ≥50. It has a textured surface and is ideal for very heavy duty areas such as commercial kitchens.

If you need a strong floor but have a tough deadline the 6mm slip-resistant fast-track variant is the answer with the benefit of a faster return to service*.

The 8mm slip-resistant variant can handle the heat. It has excellent impact and abrasion resistance and is made for an increased temperature range (-40°C to +120°C), making it perfect for intensive, particularly demanding environments, which require steam cleaning. For a quicker return to service* there’s also the option of the 8mm slip-resistant fast-track variant.

*When site conditions are comparable (ambient or substrate temperature, humidity and ventilation).